Nov 8, 2008

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews that may be of interest from a Bible Exposition perspective include:

Kevin L. Anderson
'But God Raised Him from the Dead': The Theology of Jesus' Resurrection in Luke-Acts
Reviewed by Ron Clark

Paul Barnett
Paul: Missionary of Jesus
Reviewed by Don Garlington

David A. Brondos
Fortress Introduction to Salvation and the Cross
Reviewed by Ron Clark

Donald Capps
Jesus the Village Psychiatrist
Reviewed by Pieter F. Craffert

Robert R. Ellis
Learning to Read Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar
Reviewed by Max Rogland

Alec Gilmore
A Concise Dictionary of Bible Origins and Interpretation
Reviewed by Jan G. van der Watt

Thomas L. Leclerc
Introduction to the Prophets: Their Stories, Sayings, and Scrolls
Reviewed by Bo H. Lim

Andrew T. Lincoln and Angus Paddison, eds.
Christology and Scripture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Reviewed by Mark Elliott

Theo A. W. van der Louw
Transformations in the Septuagint: Towards an Interaction of Septuagint Studies and Translation Studies
Reviewed by Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton

Grant Macaskill
Revealed Wisdom and Inaugurated Eschatology in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
Reviewed by Brian Han Gregg

Frank J. Matera
New Testament Theology: Exploring Diversity and Unity
Reviewed by Udo Schnelle

Ela Nutu
Incarnate Word, Inscribed Flesh: John's Prologue and the Postmodern
Reviewed by Larry D. George

Alexander Samely
Forms of Rabbinic Literature and Thought: An Introduction
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

Klyne R. Snodgrass
Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus
Reviewed by Ernest van Eck

Marvin A. Sweeney
I and II Kings: A Commentary
Reviewed by Ernst Axel Knauf

John S. Vassar
Recalling a Story Once Told: An Intertextual Reading of the Psalter and the Pentateuch
Reviewed by Philippus J. Botha

Gary Yamasaki
Watching a Biblical Narrative: Point of View in Biblical Exegesis
Reviewed by David R. Bauer
Reviewed by Helmut Utzschneider

Nov 7, 2008

Blomberg on James 3:1

Craig Blomberg has posted some interesting thoughts on James 3:1 and the issue of women teachers. Blomberg makes some good points but I'm not sure that I find the "worst-case scenario" argument all that convincing. Read it

Kamell on James 2

Miriam Kamell who has cowritten a commentary on James with Craig Blomberg has posted some observations on James 2. You can read it here.

Nov 6, 2008

Hebrews SBL Group

The Society of Biblical Literature study group on Hebrews has a website with a number of this year's papers uploaded as well as other resources. You can visit the website

Thanks to Ken Schenk for pointing this out.

Nov 5, 2008

Introduction to Hebrews

You can download a fifty-five page sample chapter of a “Introduction to Hebrews” out of the recently published volume Faithful to the End: An Introduction to Hebrews Through Revelation by Terry L. Wilder, J. Daryl Charles, and Kendell Easley here.

Oxford University Press Holiday Sale

Some readers may be interested in the holiday sale at Oxford University Press. For example, they have Liddell & Scott's
Greek-English Lexicon for 50% off or $85 and Metzger's Manuscripts of the Greek Bible at 73% off or $29.70. You can see the sale here.

"King David's Water Tunnel" and Biblical Archaeology

Todd Bolin has a thoughtful post concerning some of sensationalistic claims related to the so-called "King David's Water Tunnel" in particular and other similar claims in general. Read it

Nov 4, 2008

Mark Nanos' Website

I recently happened upon the website of Mark D. Nanos. Nanos has published at least two books that I am aware of on Galatians and Romans and works primarily in the area of Paul and Judaism. In any case, it appears that There are a number of Nanos' articles and lectures available at the website. You can visit it

Nov 3, 2008

Walton on the Blessing of Abraham on the Nations

John Walton has a nice post on the blessing of Abraham on the nations in Genesis. Read it

Search Full Text of All SBL Books

Mark Hoffman has brought attention to a way to scan all SBL published (currently?) books. Although I have not tried it out yet, this could be a helpful tool. Read his post
here for details.

The Challenge of Introducing an Expositional Series

Peter Mead raises and answers the following:

When you start a new series of messages from a book, the first message is a challenge. Not just because you want people to be motivated for the series, but because the first message has to stand in its own right. Simply presenting the background information like the notes in a study Bible is not expository preaching. But if you give the background and then preach the first section, you may end up with two messages or too little time to really preach that first section. What to do?

Read the entire post here.

Nov 2, 2008

Free Audiobook: Calvin: Of Prayer and The Christian Life is offering Calvin’s Of Prayer and The Christian Life as a free audiobook.

"Prayer as Calvin describes it is not giddy, and he goes on to give Scriptural definitions of proper thought, engagement, and attitude. What do the roles of patience and self-denial play in the role of the Christian life and what does Christian piety look like? What should our views be of the present life and the future life? These two sections of The Institutes guide us ever so thoughtfully and gracefully into his theology and practice of Christian living."

Click here and use the coupon code NOV2008 during checkout. Add the download format of Calvin: Of Prayer and The Christian Life to your cart and then enter the coupon code NOV2008 when prompted during checkout.