Jun 3, 2017

Syntax of Biblical Hebrew Poetry

Robert Holmsedt has made his paper "The Syntax of Poetry in Biblical Hebrew" available here.

Jun 2, 2017

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Joel B. Green
Conversion in Luke-Acts: Divine Action, Human Cognition, and the People of God
Reviewed by Marianne Blickenstaff

Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva
Invitation to the Septuagint
Reviewed by Andrea Ravasco

Benjamin J. M. Johnson
Reading David and Goliath in Greek and Hebrew: A Literary Approach
Reviewed by Randall X. Gauthier
Reviewed by Joseph McDonald

Othmar Keel and Silvia Schroer
Creation: Biblical Theologies in the Context of the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

Matthias Konradt
Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew
Reviewed by Wesley G. Olmstead

Jordan Penkower
Masorah and Text Criticism in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Moshe Ibn Zabara and Menahem de Lonzano
Reviewed by Ronald Hendel

Rafael Rodriguez
If You Call Yourself a Jew: Reappraising Paul’s Letter to the Romans
Reviewed by Philip Esler

Jerry L. Sumney
Paul: Apostle and Fellow Traveler
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Cockrell

Samer Soreshow Yohanna
The Gospel of Mark in the Syriac Harklean Version: An Edition Based upon the Earliest Witnesses
Reviewed by Peter A. L. Hill

Jun 1, 2017

Free Logos Book for June: Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology

The free Logos Book of the Month for June is Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology by John Frame. You can also purchase Justification by Grace through Faith: Finding Freedom from Legalism, Lawlessness, Pride, and Despair for $1.99 or enter to win the entire eleven-volume Explorations in Biblical Theological Systems. For all these offers you can go to the Logos' Free Book of Month page here.

May 31, 2017

Free Images: Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

Carl Rasmussen has made all of the images from his Zondervan Atlas of the Bible available for free here.

May 30, 2017

Free Audio: Darrell Bock on the Historical Jesus

Credo Courses is offering free audio of Darrell Bock's course "The Historical Jesus" here.

May 29, 2017

Egypt as Divine Incubator

I was reminded recently of how Egypt served as a divine incubator of sorts for Jacob's family (Gen 46-50). The two great dangers facing the incipient nation of Israel was assimilation and/or elimination. Certain aspects related to Egypt provided protection from both. Here is a simple table I created for a recent class on Genesis. (I apologize that I couldn't get the formatting quite right but you get the idea.)
Egypt as a Divine Incubator
Isolation to Avoid Assimilation
Protection to Avoid Elimination
·  Egyptians don’t like eating with foreigners (43:32)
·  Egyptians don’t like shepherds (46:34)
·  Protection of the Egyptian army
·  Protection against famines