Feb 6, 2016

The Hidden Beauty of a Bad Sermon

Tim Challies has a great post here on the hidden beauty of a bad sermon. Make sure to read the whole post but this final paragraph is gold.
Young preachers, new preachers, preach bad sermons. They preach bad sermons as they learn to preach good sermons. And in some ways, those bad sermons serve as a mark of a church’s health and strength because they prove that the church is fulfilling its mandate to raise up the next generation of preachers and the one after that. They prove that the church refuses to be so driven by a desire to display excellence that they will not risk the occasional dud. They prove that the congregation is mature enough to endure and even appreciate these first, messy attempts. There is hidden beauty, hidden value, in these bad sermons.

Feb 5, 2016

Piper on Proverbs 22:17-19

John Piper has a three-part series on Proverbs 22:17-19 here, here, and here. I am not sure whether there will be more but this will get you started

Feb 4, 2016

Text-Centered Preaching Vs. Text-Driven Preaching?

David Allen has an interesting and helpful side-by-side comparison here of text-centered preaching versus text-driven preaching.

Bad Homiletical Models of Expository Preaching

Derek Thomas looks at five "bad" models of expository preaching here. There are some interesting and surprising (at least for some) names mentioned.

Feb 3, 2016

The Old Testament Law and the Christian

George Athas has a pretty good discussion on Christians and the Old Testament Law here.

Feb 2, 2016

Free Audio: I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

Christianaudio.com's free audio selection for February is Norm Geisler and Frank Turek's I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist. You can access the offer here.

Feb 1, 2016

Free Logos Book for February: Journal of Theological Interpretation, Volume 1

The free Logos Book for February is volume 1 of the Journal of Theological Interpretation. You can also purchase John Walton's Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology. You can also enter to win the entire 12 volumes of the Journal of Theological Interpretation. Go the Logos' Free Book of Month page to enter and download your free book today!