Aug 25, 2017

Jeremiah: The Man and His Message

Rob Bradshaw has scanned and made available as a free PDF, Alexander Stewart's Jeremiah: The Man and His Message. This is just one of the many free and wonderful resources at Biblical

Aug 24, 2017

Babylonian Tablet and the Oldest Evidence of Trigonometry

This article suggests that a Babylonian tablet dating from 822-1726 B.C. contains the oldest known trigonometry tables .

Aug 22, 2017

Is Learning the Biblical Languages a Waste of Time?

Michael Kruger asks and answers the question, "Is It a Waste of Time for Seminary Students (and Pastors) to Learn the Biblical Languages?" here. While I agree with Kruger's answers, I would rephrase the question a bit. Many I know would not ask this question but rather, "Is learning the biblical languages the best use of time for seminary students (and pastors)?" The answer to this question is a bit more complicated. I would argue that though it may not be the "best" use of time, it is a good and worthy use of time.

Aug 21, 2017

Solar Eclipses in the Old Testament?

Dr. Claude Mariottini discusses solar eclipses in the Old Testament here.