Feb 1, 2014

Free Logos Book for February: Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry

The free Logos Book for February is Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry by Michael Lawrence. You can also enter to win the entire 11-volume 9Marks series. Go the Logos' Free Book of Month page here to enter and download your free book today!

Free Audio Book: When Helping Hurts

Christianaudio.com is offering When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert as their free download for the month of February. To read more about the book and to get your free audio download go here.
When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert is the free audiobook of the month for February. Seldom has a book come out on such a specific topic that has mass appeal and widespread application. When Helping Hurts is just that kind of book. The central point is to provide proven strategies that challenge Christians to help the poor empower themselves. - See more at: http://christianaudio.com/free/?utm_source=HomePage&utm_medium=InternalBanner&utm_campaign=CAFreeBook#sthash.RLKJDpoZ.dpuf

When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert - See more at: http://christianaudio.com/free/?utm_source=HomePage&utm_medium=InternalBanner&utm_campaign=CAFreeBook#sthash.RLKJDpoZ.dpuf
When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert - See more at: http://christianaudio.com/free/?utm_source=HomePage&utm_medium=InternalBanner&utm_campaign=CAFreeBook#sthash.RLKJDpoZ.dpuf

Jan 31, 2014

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below. 

Jack Barentsen
Emerging Leadership in the Pauline Mission: A Social Identity Perspective on Local Leadership Development in Corinth and Ephesus
Reviewed by Jan G. van der Watt

Lukas Bormann
Der Brief des Paulus an die Kolosser
Reviewed by Thomas Bergholz

Eryl W. Davies
Biblical Criticism: A Guide for the Perplexed
Reviewed by Richard N. Soulen

J. Albert Harrill
Paul the Apostle: His Life and Legacy in Their Roman Context
Reviewed by James Harrison
Reviewed by Ross P. Ponder

David Lyle Jeffrey
Reviewed by Robert L. Brawley

Ernst Jenni
Studien zur Sprachwelt des Alten Testaments, Bd. 3
Reviewed by Markus Zehnder

Eugene E. Lemcio
Navigating Revelation: Charts for the Voyage
Reviewed by Alexander E. Stewart

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor
Keys to Galatians: Collected Essays
Reviewed by Frank J. Matera

Jerry L. Sumney, ed.
Reading Paul’s Letter to the Romans
Reviewed by Panayotis Coutsoumpos
Reviewed by John K. Goodrich

Kay Weißflog
Zeichen und Sinnbilder: Die Kinder der Propheten Jesaja und Hosea
Reviewed by Mark W. Hamilton

Jan 30, 2014

Paul's Missionary Journey Tube Map

This is pretty neat. You can access the original here.


HT: James McGrath

Jan 29, 2014

Bible Exposition and Discipleship

Dave Miller has some good thoughts on how Bible exposition and discipleship work together here.

Jan 28, 2014

Review of By the River Chebar

Daniel I. Block. By the River Chebar: Historical, Literary, and Theological Studies in the Book of Ezekiel. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2013.

Anyone who has recently undertaken a serious study of Ezekiel has probably looked at Dan Block’s two-volume commentary. It is one of, if not the best, treatments of this enigmatic book. With that in mind, I was excited to read and review By the River Chebar. This work is a compilation of articles written by Block that reflects his longstanding interest in Ezekiel (p. xi). The articles include “a general essay on preaching the message of Ezekiel, a synthetic essay on the theology of the book; a series on more specific theological topics, and two literary studies focused on specific texts that frame the first half of the book (chs. 1 and 24)” (p. xi). (A companion volume entitled Beyond the River Chebar covers chapters 25–40.) These nine essays were written between 1988 and 2010.

Those familiar with, and appreciative of, Block’s work will not be disappointed here. The scholarship represented by these essays is first-rate. It is well-researched, the writing is clear, and the arguments are cogent. One will also find a number of helpful figures, tables, and lists. But this work also contains a refreshing pastoral and spiritual element. This is most evident in the first essay which relates to the preaching of Ezekiel, but it is also sprinkled throughout the other essays as well (e.g., “The God Ezekiel Wants Us to Meet,” pp. 44–72). The preaching essay should be required reading for those planning to preach through the book. It was one of my favorites. I also especially enjoyed “The Theology of Ezekiel,” “The Prophet of the Spirit.” and “Beyond the Grave: Ezekiel’s Vision of Death and Afterlife.”

Although By the River Chebar is a more selective reference than a commentary on Ezekiel, it is a good supplementary resource for those who want to dig deeper. To borrow a line from a well-known Christian hymn, “Shall we gather at the river?” The answer in this case is “yes.”

Thanks to the folks at Wipf & Stock for providing the book used in this unbiased review.

Jan 27, 2014

Lessons Related to Ministry from Romans 1:11–15

Recently as I was preparing to teach Romans, it struck me that the introduction contained some important principles related to ministry. Here is a list that I observed.

  • Ministry is about people (“I long to see you,” v. 11)
  • Ministry is about giving (“that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you,” v. 11)
  • Ministry should be mutually encouraging (“ that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith,” v. 12)
  • Ministry does not always go as planned (“I have often intended to come to you [but thus far have been prevented], v. 13)
  • Ministry is like reaping a harvest (“that I may reap some harvest,” v. 13)
  • Ministry often includes both believers and unbelievers (“among you as well as among the rest of the Gentiles,” v. 13)
  • Ministry should be ethnically inclusive (“I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish, v. 14) 
  • Ministry is about the proclamation of the gospel (“I am eager to preach the gospel,” v. 15)

Jan 26, 2014

Lecture by Richard Bauckham

The video below was recorded at The Lanier Theological Library. Here is a description of the video.

"In the theology of early Judaism there is “one God” who has “one people.” The Gospel of John takes the remarkable step of including Jesus the divine Son in the unity of the one God. The goal of Jesus’ mission is to include humans within the open unity of the divine love. From the intimate personal communion of the Father and the Son with believers derives the loving unity of the people of God. Thus the revelation of loving intimacy “within” God at the end of the Gospel’s Prologue leads to Jesus’ prayer for the unity of his people in chapter 17."

The Future of Libraries

I thought this infographic was interesting.

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The Future of Libraries