Jun 18, 2011

Teaching Old Testament Characters

See J. D. Greear's article on "How to Teach Old Testament Characters" here.

Jun 17, 2011

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Reinhard Achenbach and Martin Arneth, eds.
»Gerechtigkeit und Recht zu üben« (Gen 18,19): Studien zur altorientalischen und biblischen Rechtsgeschichte, zur Religionsgeschichte Israels und zur Religionssoziologie: Festschrift für Eckart Otto zum 65. Geburtstag
Reviewed by Klaus Grünwaldt
Jan Assmann
Of God and Gods: Egypt, Israel, and the Rise of Monotheism
Reviewed by James K. Hoffmeier
Roger S. Bagnall
Early Christian Books in Egypt
Reviewed by Stephan Witetschek
Assnat Bartor
Reading Law as Narrative: A Study in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch
Reviewed by Thomas B. Dozeman
Christopher L. Carter
The Great Sermon Tradition as a Fiscal Framework in 1 Corinthians: Towards a Pauline Theology of Material Possessions
Reviewed by Philip F. Esler
Sandra Gambetti
The Alexandrian Riots of 38 C.E. and the Persecution of the Jews: A Historical Reconstruction
Reviewed by Magnus Zetterholm
Robert H. Gundry
Commentary on the New Testament: Verse-by-Verse Explanations with a Literal Translation
Reviewed by Peter J. Judge
Martin Karrer and Wolfgang Kraus, eds.
Die Septuaginta-Texte, Kontexte, Lebenswelten: Internationale Fachtagung veranstaltet von Septuaginta Deutsch (LXX.D), Wuppertal 20.-23. Juli 2006
Reviewed by J. Cornelis De Vos
Jeffrey L. Rubenstein
Stories of the Babylonian Talmud
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

Jun 16, 2011

Gospel of John Resources

Nijay Gupta has a nice discussion of the best Gospel of John resources here.

Jun 15, 2011

New Studies in Biblical Theology on Sale

Although I have not read or used every volume in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series edited by D. A. Carson, I have found some of the volumes helpful. The Westminster Seminary Bookstore is now offering a sale on individual volumes and on the whole series.

40% off a single volumes
50% off five or more volumes

Go here.

Jun 14, 2011

Jun 12, 2011

Good Advice

“The key to good exegesis, and therefore to a more intelligent reading of the Bible, is to learn to read the text carefully and to ask the right questions of the text. One of the best things one could do in that regard would be to read Mortimer J. Adler’s How to Read a Book (1940, revised edition) with Charles Van Doren [New York: Simon and Schuster, 1972]).”

Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, 3rd ed. (Grand Rapids: Academie Books, 2003), 26.