Feb 11, 2017

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Sonja Ammann
Götter für die Toren: Die Verbindung von Götterpolemik und Weisheit im Alten Testament
Reviewed by Christl M. Maier

M. Daniel Carroll R. and J. Blair Wilgus, eds.
Wrestling with the Violence of God: Soundings in the Old Testament
Reviewed by Eric A. Seibert

Jordi Cervera I Valls
Jesús en la Carta als Hebreus: Una cristologia de matriu jueva
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

James H. Charlesworth, Lee Martin McDonald, and Blake A. Jurgens, eds.
Sacra Scriptura: How “Non-canonical” Texts Functioned in Early Judaism and Early Christianity
Reviewed by Tobias Nicklas

Jørgen Christensen-Ernst
Antioch on the Orontes: A History and a Guide
Reviewed by Mark Wilson

Sean Freyne
The Jesus Movement and Its Expansion: Meaning and Mission
Reviewed by Richard Horsley
Reviewed by Brian J. Wright

Heather M. Gorman
Interweaving Innocence: A Rhetorical Analysis of Luke’s Passion Narrative (Luke 22:66–23:49)
Reviewed by Steve Smith

Yaakov Huster
Ashkelon 5: The Land behind Ashkelon
Reviewed by Carol Meyers

Andrew Knapp
Royal Apologetic in the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by Danny Mathews

Halvor Moxnes
A Short History of the New Testament
Reviewed by Dieter T. Roth

Jack M. Sasson
Judges 1–12: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Reviewed by Victor H. Matthews

Michael K. Snearly
The Return of the King: Messianic Expectation in Book V of the Psalter
Reviewed by Richard Bautch

Max Stern
Psalms and Music: Influences of the Psalms on Western Music
Reviewed by James F. McGrath

Eric J. Tully
The Translation and Translator of the Peshitta of Hosea
Reviewed by Jerome A. Lund

Feb 10, 2017

Do Theological Studies Majors Work Hard?

I think they do. But according to this study, not nearly as hard as STEM majors. Theological studies majors come in at 30 out of 86 majors. At least we beat philosophy which comes in at 31.

Feb 9, 2017

New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

This was heavily reported yesterday but just in case you missed it, a new cave, the twelfth, that likely held some Dead Sea Scrolls has been discovered and excavated. Unfortunately, no new scrolls or fragments of scrolls with texts were found. But they did find, pieces of six jars consistent with those that contained scrolls found in the other caves, papyrus and parchment fragments, a leather strap that might have been used to tie scrolls, Neolithic flint tools, and a carnelian stamp seal. Two modern pickaxes were also found, suggesting that the cave had been looted.

There are too many sources to list. But the Hebrew University of Jerusalem story has links for good quality photos here. The Logos Academic blog has additional photos and explanation here. The Washington Post has a good article here.

Although it is bit early to tell, this discovery might support at least two points. First, there are likely other caves yet to be discovered. Second, that some of the recent Dead Sea Scrolls fragments that have been sold recently might be authentic. But great caution should be exercised before we know more.

Feb 8, 2017

Paul's Departure from Malta?

February 8 is one suggested date for Paul's departure from Malta. You can read more about it here.

Feb 7, 2017

H.B. Charles on Biblical Preaching

You can read H. B. Charles' understanding of biblical preaching here.

The Imminent Return of Christ and the Canon

Michael Kruger has a good discussion here on what implications that an imminent return of Christ might of had on the production of Scripture. Kruger seems skeptical that the early church had an expectation of the imminence of the Lord's return but argues that even if they did, the conclusions regarding the writing of Scripture are wrong. I happen to think that the early church had an expectation of imminence but Kruger is right that this would not necessarily mean that such an expectation would have precluded the desire or need for Scripture.

Feb 6, 2017

Abandoning Scriptural Authority

This article has been out a few days, but D. A. Carson's article here is worth reading.

Feb 5, 2017

Preaching Tips

Trinity College principal Emma Ineson recently posted a request on Facebook for preaching tips from alumni and friends could that could be shared in an Introduction to Preaching module she was about to teach. Here is a post on the results and an edited compilation of the tips can be accessed on this PDF.

HT: Antony Billington