Mar 6, 2015

What if Your Spouse Finds Your Studies Annoying?

William Lane Craig has some advice here for a student whose wife does not share his passion for philosophy and apologetics and in fact finds it an "annoyance." I think that this problem is also common with biblical studies students as well. To Craig's comments I would suggest finding a support group. At the seminary I attended, there was a group called Seminary Wives in Ministry. I believe that other seminaries have similar programs.

Mar 5, 2015

Steven Lawson on Expository Preaching

The Ceipplegate Blog has a good interview with Steven Lawson related to expository preaching here. Note that this only part one of a projected three-part series.

Mar 4, 2015

C. E. B. Cranfield (1915–2015)

I have seen a couple of references indicating that C. E. B. Cranfield has passed away. I did not know Cranfield personally, but I am indebted to his work, especially his two volumes on Romans in the International Critical Commentary series.

Mar 3, 2015

Free Logos Book for March: 1 Corinthians by Harrisville

The free Logos Book for March is Roy Harrisville’s commentary on 1 Corinthians in the Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament series. You can also purchase Frederick Danker's 2 Corinthians commentary in the same series for .99 cents. While you are at it, you can enter to win the entire series. Go the Logos' Free Book of Month page to enter and download your free book today!

Mar 1, 2015

Richard Bauckham Lectures: “The Sons of Zebedee: the Lives of Two Galilean Fishers”

Tim Bulkeley has posted audio and video links for six lectures by Richard Bauckham entitled “The Sons of Zebedee: The Lives of Two Galilean Fishers” here. This is typical Bauckham and therefore worth checking out.