Jul 7, 2017

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Aaron Chalmers
Interpreting the Prophets: Reading, Understanding and Preaching from the Worlds of the Prophets
Reviewed by Samuel Hildebrandt

Panayotis Coutsoumpos
Paul, Corinth, and the Roman Empire
Reviewed by H. H. Drake Williams III

Thomas Esposito
Jesus’ Meals with Pharisees and Their Liturgical Roots
Reviewed by Dennis E. Smith

Simon Gathercole
Defending Substitution: An Essay on Atonement in Paul
Reviewed by Jarvis J. Williams

David Gowler
James through the Centuries
Reviewed by R. Alan Culpepper

Michael J. Kok
The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century
Reviewed by Elizabeth Struthers Malbon

Helen Leneman and Barry Dov Walfish, eds.
The Bible Retold by Jewish Artists, Writers, Composers and Filmmakers
Reviewed by James F. McGrath

Gordon H. Matties
Reviewed by Ryan P. Bonfiglio

Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spanò
Goliath’s Legacy: Philistines and Hebrews in Biblical Times
Reviewed by Carl S. Ehrlich

Diego Pérez Gondar
Caín, Abel y la sangre de los justos: Gn 4, 1–16 y su recepción en la Iglesia Primitiva
Reviewed by Susana de Sola Funsten

Alistair C. Stewart
The Original Bishops: Office and Order in the First Christian Communities
Reviewed by David J. DeVore

Patricia K. Tull and Jacqueline E. Lapsley, eds.
After Exegesis: Feminist Biblical Theology
Reviewed by Lisa W. Davison

Michael Wolter
Paul: An Outline of His Theology
Reviewed by Matthew V. Novenson

Sami Yli-Karjanmaa
Reincarnation in Philo of Alexandria
Reviewed by Gregory E. Sterling

Tamar Zewi
The Samaritan Version of Saadya Gaon’s Translation of the Pentateuch: Critical Edition and Study of MS London BL OR7562 and Related MSS
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

Jul 6, 2017

Original Turabian?

In the process of packing some things today, I can across this copy of Turabian. There is no indication of a second or later edition so it may be a first edition. In any case, it is only 61 pages long!


How to Talk to Famous Professors

Robin Bernstein has some good advice here.

Jul 5, 2017

Two Views on Applying 2 Chronicles 7:14

Steve Gaines argues for direct application here and Russell Moore argues against direct application here (written in 2016). I wonder whether at least some of the differences between Gaines and Russell relates to a failure to distinguish between principles and applications.

Jul 4, 2017

Leviticus and Sexual Morality

Jeff Mirus has a good post here on what Leviticus has to teach us about sexual morality and ourselves.

Jul 3, 2017

Infographic: Singleness, Dating, and Marriage

Crossway has a helpful infographic on singleness, dating, and marriage here.

HT: David Murray