Dec 24, 2020

Psalm 39 Links

I have been working on a commentary on the Psalms. I have decided to compile some helpful links that I discovered during my research. It includes a mix of exegetical and sermonic links. Here is what I have for Psalm 39 (in no particular order). Feel free to mention any that you find helpful in the comments section. 

The Fathers on Psalm 39:

Literary analysis of Psalm 39:

Analysis by C. J. Labuschagne: 

William Barrick’s notes:

Dec 23, 2020

The Master's Seminary Journal 31:2

The latest volume of The Master's Seminary Journal (Fall 2020) is available here. Here is a list of the articles.

An Analysis of Geerhardus Vos’ Nature and Method of Biblical Theology — Richard C. Barcellos

A Methodology of Janus Parallelism — Nathan LeMaster

The Eternal God of a Vanishing Creation: Recovering the Doctrine of Divine Timelessness — Peter Sammons

Toward the Worship of God as Actus Purus — Alan Quiñones

Martin Lloyd-Jones on “Unity” — Kevin D. Zuber

Recent Scholarship and the Quest to Understand Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 —Peter J. Goeman

The Hermeneutics of the American Revolution — Gregg L. Frazer

Postmodernism and the Gospels: Dancing on the Edge of Disaster — F. David Farnell

HT: Antony Billington

Dec 22, 2020

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member. 

Israel Bartal, Tangled Roots: The Emergence of Israeli Culture
Reviewed by Shai Ginsburg

Amanda W. Benckhuysen, The Gospel according to Eve: A History of Women’s Interpretation
Reviewed by Linda S. Schearing

Jörg Frey, Matthijs den Dulk, and Jan G. van der Watt, eds., 2 Peter and the Apocalypse of Peter: Towards a New Perspective
Reviewed by Travis B. Williams

Ally Kateusz, Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership
Reviewed by Christy Cobb

Gideon R. Kotzé, Wolfgang Kraus, and Michaël N. van der Meer, eds., XVI Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies: Stellenbosch, 2016
Reviewed by Andrew Daniel

Atar Livneh, Studies on Jewish and Christian Historical Summaries from the Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods
Reviewed by Aubrey Buster

Suzanna R. Millar, Genre and Openness in Proverbs 10:1–22:16

Reviewed by Alice Ogden Bellis
Maren R. Niehoff, Philo of Alexandria: An Intellectual Biography
Reviewed by William Horst

Franz Prosinger, Das eingepflanzte Wort der Wahrheit: Struktur und Grundgedanke des Jakobusbriefes
Reviewed by Oda Wischmeyer

Jerry L. Sumney, Steward of God’s Mysteries: Paul and Early Church Tradition
Reviewed by H. H. Drake Williams III

Abraham Tal, ed., Tibåt Mårqe: The Ark of Marqe; Edition, Translation, Commentary
Reviewed by Yeshiva University

Jeffrey M. Tripp, Direct Internal Quotation in the Gospel of John
Reviewed by Deolito V. Vistar Jr

Emanuel Tov, Textual Developments: Collected Essays, Volume 4
Reviewed by Johann Cook

Brandon Walker, Memory, Mission, and Identity: Orality and the Apostolic Miracle Tradition
Reviewed by Rafael Rodríguez

Johanna W. H. van Wijk-Bos, The Road to Kingship: 1–2 Samuel
Reviewed by Marvin A. Sweeney

Dec 21, 2020

Books for the Educated Christian Mind

Jacob Prahlow lists 300 of them here. I've got some mixed feelings about trying to read some of the titles listed but on the other hand, it is important to be familiar with works like these in understanding our intellectual tradition. See Prahlow's helpful caveats.