Dec 17, 2022

Cupbearers in Bible Times

Ferrell Jenkins has a nice post here on cupbearers in biblical times. This blog is one that I regularly look at.

Dec 16, 2022

The Economic Status of Jesus' Family

Ian Paul has a very interesting post here on the economic status of Jesus' family.

Dec 15, 2022

When Christmas Day Is Sunday

This article highlights a debate among Christians as to whether their churches should meet on Christmas day when that day is also a Sunday. I believe that this is a matter of conscience and that grace should be extended to both sides. But, I would lean toward having services even though the church I attend has gone the other direction.

Dec 14, 2022

Psalm 99

I am working on a commentary on the Psalms. I have decided to compile some helpful links that I discovered during my research. It includes a mix of exegetical and sermonic links. Here is what I have for Psalm 99 (in no particular order). Feel free to mention any that you find helpful in the comments section.

Analysis by C. J. Labuschagne:

William Barrick’s notes:

Psalm 99 devotional:

Steven Cole sermon:

Scott Hoezee commentary:

Dec 13, 2022

Journey into God's Presence through the Offerings

Using Leviticus 9 primarily, L. Michael Morales suggests a "procedural order" in the sacrifices ([1] the purification offering, [2] the whole burnt offering, and [3]) the peace offering that represent a "cultic exodus" into fellowship with God (see diagram below). That is, not only do the offerings represent what is necessary to enter into God's presence but the order itself matters. Frankly, I had not ever considered this before. Very interesting.

L. Michael Morales, Exodus Old and new: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (Downers Grove, InterVarsity, 2020), 91-98.

Dec 12, 2022

D. A. Carson on One of the Saddest OT Texts

D. A. Carson explains here why 2 Kings 39 is one of the saddest Old Testament texts.