Nov 18, 2017

Online Bibliographies for Jesus and the Gospels

Michael Kok has a helpful list of links to online bibliographies for studying Jesus and the Gospels here.

Nov 17, 2017

Teaching Professionalism

Angela Keaton has a good word here about teaching our students professionalism. But I would also hasten to add that teachers should model that same professionalism.

Nov 14, 2017

A Coin Related to Acts 19

I recently saw this silver Cistophorus listed for sale at a coin-selling site. The reverse has a nice image and inscription related to Diana of Ephesus. The obverse is not too bad with images of Claudius and Agrippina. This coin provides a nice background illustration to Acts 19. The price is a bit out of my budget but as a friend of mine says, "I wouldn't mind if I found it under my Christmas tree!"

HT: Russell Atherton