Apr 17, 2021

Latest Issue of THink

Tyndale House has just released a new and free issue of their journal THink. You can access it here.

Apr 16, 2021

Mail Ministry

 Gary Shogren has a good post here on how answering mail is also ministry. I agree wholeheartedly.

Apr 15, 2021

How Biblical Geography Shapes Our View of God’s Mission

When I first began studying the Bible, I was not very interested in the geographical elements in the text. But the more time I have spent in the Scriptures, the more I have come to appreciate how the geography is part of its story. So I was happy to see Kelsa Graybill explaining five ways that biblical geography shapes our view of God's mission here.

Apr 14, 2021

The Christian and Leviticus 18

I am very interested in how the issue of Mosaic Law relates to the Christian. So, I was happy to see Thomas Willoughby's article "Does Leviticus 18 Apply to New Testament Believers?" (here). Unfortunately, the question in the title is barely addressed and concludes with something like believers should be aware and concerned about issues of sexual ethics. I don't think that this conclusion is altogether insightful or helpful.

Apr 13, 2021

"Y'all" Is Biblical

Folks down here in Texas already know this but Ryan Martin explains why it is true here.

Apr 12, 2021

2 Samuel in the Photo Companion to the Bible Series

Todd Bolen and the folks at BiblePlaces have just released their newest volume in the Photo Companion to the Bible series.This volume focuses on 2 Samuel and provides a beaucoup of pictorial resources (2,900 photos!) arranged by chapter/verse in well-designed PowerPoint presentations. Check it out here. It is currently at the significantly discounted price of $39, a price that includes the option for immediate download, the DVD, and free shipping. If you are working in, or plan to work in, 2 Samuel, this resource really is one you should have. You might also want to check out the other available volumes here.