Jun 8, 2013

New Bible App

This is a great app, y'all.

Jun 5, 2013

Designations for God in the Psalms

Some might be interested in this simple chart I created based on information in Robert Bell's article (see below).

Some Titles for God in the Psalms
Titles related to God and His people
Titles related to God’s exalted position
Titles related to God’s attributes
·  The God of Israel (68:35).
·  The Holy One of Israel (78:41)
·  The God of Jacob (81:1)
·  The Mighty One of Jacob (132:5)

·  Yahweh Most High (7:l7)
·  The Most High (46:4)
·  God Most High (78:35)

·  The God of truth (31:5)
·  A God of great salvation (68:20)
·  A living God (84:2)
·  The Almighty (91:1)
·  A God of complete vengeance (94:1)
·  A great God (95:3)
·  The God of my righteousness (4:1)*
·  The God of my salvation (18:46)*
·  The God of my strength (43:2)*
·  Yahweh of hosts (e.g., 24:l0; 48:8)

*Hebraisms for my righteous God, my saving God, and my strong God.

Robert D. Bell, "The Theology of the Psalms, Part 2: The Pattern for Worship," Biblical Viewpoint 4 (1970):116. 

Jun 4, 2013

The Dead Sea Scrolls In Tax Court

The Forbes website has this interesting story on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Jun 3, 2013

New Testament Humor

Leonard J. Greenspoon has posted on "Humor in the New Testament" here. While the New Testament does not typically contain obvious slapstick kind of humor, there are passages which can bring a smile to the careful reader.

Jun 2, 2013

Online Resources for Psalms

Check out David Murray's listing of the top 70 online resources on the Book of Psalms. I am delighted that this blog made this list a few times. By the way, David's blog is one of the blogs that I read regularly.