Nov 22, 2008

Witherington on the Rhetorical Nature of Hebrews

You can read the text text (but not the notes) of Ben Witherington's Society of Biblical Literature paper on "The Rhetorical Nature of Hebrews"

Goodacre on Dating the Crucial Sources in Early Christianity

Mark Goodacre's handout for this year's SBL Meeting paper on "Dating the Crucial Sources in Early Christianity" is available here.

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews that may be of interest from a Bible Exposition perspective include:

Bob Becking
From David to Gedaliah: The Book of Kings as Story and History
Reviewed by Marvin A. Sweeney

Jason Beduhn and Paul Mirecki, eds.
Frontiers of Faith: The Christian Encounter with Manichaeism in the Acts of Archelaus
Reviewed by Tobias Nicklas

Roland Boer, ed.
Bakhtin and Genre Theory in Biblical Studies
Reviewed by Timothy J. Sandoval

Susan Brayford
Reviewed by Jan Joosten

Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch
Studying the Old Testament: A Companion
Reviewed by Steed Vernyl Davidson

Stephen K. Catto
Reconstructing the First-Century Synagogue: A Critical Analysis of Current Research
Reviewed by Birger Olsson
Reviewed by Jonathan Bernier

Nicola Denzey
The Bone Gatherers: The Lost Worlds of Early Christian Women
Reviewed by Paul Dilley

Deborah L. Ellens
Women in the Sex Texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy: A Comparative Conceptual Analysis
Reviewed by Naomi Steinberg

Richard A. Horsley
Scribes, Visionaries, and the Politics of Second Temple Judea
Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

Paul Joyce
Ezekiel: A Commentary
Reviewed by Corrine Carvalho
Reviewed by Steven S. Tuell

Adriane B. Leveen
Memory and Tradition in the Book of Numbers
Reviewed by James W. Watts

David R. Nienhuis
Not by Paul Alone: The Formation of the Catholic Epistle Collection and the Christian Canon
Reviewed by Patrick J. Hartin

Matthew B. Schwartz and Kalman J. Kaplan
The Fruit of Her Hands: A Psychology of Biblical Woman
Reviewed by Corinne Blackmer

Jan G. van der Watt, ed.
Identity, Ethics, and Ethos in the New Testament
Reviewed by H. H. Drake Williams III

Nov 20, 2008

Adams on Prophetic Preaching

Colin Adams has suggested five "guidelines for prophetic preaching."

  1. Prophetic preaching must be God-centered preaching
  2. Prophetic preaching must pay careful attention to historical context
  3. Prophetic preaching must recognise a variety of genres in prophetic literature
  4. Prophetic preaching must take account of the past, present and future
  5. Prophetic preaching must connect to Christ
You can read the entire audio and get a link to his audio presentation of the material here.

Nov 19, 2008

Blomberg on James 5:13-18

Craig Blomberg has posted some helpful thoughts on James 5:13-18. Read it

Nov 18, 2008

Mounce on Ekklesia

Bill Mounce has an interesting post on
ekklesia, the word commonly used for church. But the post is not really a word study or a study of specific texts. Rather it is a theological and personal exploration of the topic. This is of course is fine as far as it goes, but it would, in my opinion, have been better to have the latter supported by a more rigorous examination of the former. In any case, you can read Mounce's post here.

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews that may be of interest from a Bible Exposition perspective include:

Ward Blanton
Displacing Christian Origins: Philosophy, Secularity, and the New Testament
Reviewed by Clare K. Rothschild

Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan
The Last Week: A Day-by-Day Account of Jesus's Final Week in Jerusalem
Reviewed by Craig L. Blomberg

Katherine J. Dell
Opening the Old Testament
Reviewed by Bill T. Arnold
Reviewed by George Heider

Brad E. Kelle and Megan Bishop Moore
Israel's Prophets and Israel's Past: Essays on the Relationship of Prophetic Texts and Israelite History in Honor of John H. Hayes
Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Daniel A. Smith
The Post-Mortem Vindication of Jesus in the Sayings Gospel Q
Reviewed by William Arnal

Fred Strickert
Rachel Weeping: Jews, Christians, and Muslims at the Fortress Tomb
Reviewed by Samuel Thomas

Jürgen Zangenberg, Harold W. Attridge, and Dale B. Martin, eds.
Religion, Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Galilee: A Region in Transition
Reviewed by Christoph Stenschke

Nov 17, 2008

The Pastoral Epistles and the Circumcision Party

Brent Pitre has a post which critiques one of the reasons commonly put forward by scholars who deny Pauline authorship of the Pastoral Epistles, namely, the identity of the opponents as Gnostics. You can read the post

Another Online Bible Map Resource

Todd Bolen has pointed out an online Bible map resource. Although the layout is bare bones, the resource looks very comprehensive. You can view it here.

Managing Your Personal Library

Challies has posted a link to an article entitled "100 Tips and Tools for Managing Your Personal Library" just in time for ETS and SBL book buying. This article is very comprehensive. Check it out here.

Nov 16, 2008

Schreiner's Review of Scot McKnight's Blue Parakeet

See Thomas Schreiner's thoughtful five part review of Scot McKnight's
Blue Parakeet. You can see his review here or my review of the same book here.


Stephen Cook has an interesting post on Melchizedek (Gen 14:17-24). He suggests that Melchizedek's non-Hebrew origins highlights a universal theme. Cook writes,

A great triangle of blessing begins here to connect Abraham's people and the world. Abraham has blessed a mass of non-Hebrews (Melchizedek's people) by ridding Canaan of predators (vv. 1-16). But God's blessing now (vv. 17-24) flows mysteriously back to Abraham through a non-Hebrew channel!

Walton on Cain's Sacrifice

John Walton has a helpful post on Cain's Sacrifice on Genesis. Read it