Dec 31, 2016

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Miriam Bier
‘Perhaps There Is Hope’: Reading Lamentations as a Polyphony of Pain, Penitence, and Protest
Reviewed by Amy C. Cottrill

Tony Burke, ed.
Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier: The Christian Apocrypha from North American Perspectives: Proceedings from the 2013 York University Christian Apocrypha Symposium
Reviewed by Julia Snyder

Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford, ed.
The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms: The Current State of Scholarship
Reviewed by John E. Anderson

Susan E. Hylen
A Modest Apostle: Thecla and the History of Women in the Early Church
Reviewed by Kate Wilkinson

Richard Kalmin
Migrating Tales: The Talmud’s Narratives and Their Historical Context
Reviewed by Rivka Ulmer

Duane Litfin
Paul’s Theology of Preaching: The Apostle’s Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth
Reviewed by James W. Thompson

Alicia D. Myers and Bruce G. Schuchard, eds.
Abiding Words: The Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John
Reviewed by Inhee C. Berg

Manfred Oeming and Konrad Schmid
Job’s Journey: Stations of Suffering
Reviewed by Katharine Dell

Donald W. Parry and Emanuel Tov
The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Reviewed by Peter Porzig

Leo G. Perdue and Warren Carter; Coleman A. Baker, ed.
Israel and Empire: A Postcolonial History of Israel and Early Judaism
Reviewed by Steed Vernyl Davidson

Adele Reinhartz
Caiaphas the High Priest
Reviewed by Arie W. Zwiep

Jeremy Schipper
Ruth: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Reviewed by George Savran

V. George Shillington
An Introduction to the Study of Luke-Acts
Reviewed by James M. Morgan

Daniel Lynwood Smith
Into the World of the New Testament: Greco-Roman and Jewish Texts and Contexts
Reviewed by Troy M. Troftgruben

Werner Zager
Jesusforschung in vier Jahrhunderten: Texte von den Anfängen historischer Kritik bis zur “dritten Frage” nach dem historischen Jesus
Reviewed by Stephan Witetschek

Dec 30, 2016

Another List of Archaeological Discoveries in 2016

A few days ago, I posted on Christianity Today's list of top ten Bible-related archaeological discoveries in 2016. Now Haaretz here has a list of the best archaeological discoveries in Israel for 2016.

Dec 29, 2016

The Earliest Synagogue in Israel?

Carl Rasmussen has an interesting discussion and photos of an ancient synagogue, perhaps the oldest discovered. You can about it here.

Dec 28, 2016

Christianity Today's Top 10 Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of 2016

Godon Govier at Christianity Today lists and discusses the top ten biblical archaeology discoveries of 2016 here.

Dec 27, 2016

Peter Williams: “On the Invention and Problem of the Term ‘Septuagint’”

William Ross has posted a brief description and video here of Peter Williams' ETS paper, “On the Invention and Problem of the Term ‘Septuagint’”

Dec 26, 2016

William Barrick's Book Recommendations

Dr. William Barrick lists his recommended Bible background books and Old Testament commentaries here.