Feb 5, 2011

Intertextuality and Stephen's Martyrdom

William Varner has a interesting post on intertextuality and Stephen's martyrdom in Acts 7 with intertextual discussions of Daniel 7 and Matthew 26. Read it here.

Feb 4, 2011

2011 Expository Preaching Workshop

Early registration for the 2011 Expository Preaching Workshop at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is going on now and runs through February 14. Early registration for the workshop is only $25 for students and $50 for non-students. After February 14, registration fees increase to $50 for students and $75 for non-students. 

The workshop will take place on February 28-March 1 at the Riley Center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Scheduled speakers include Jerry Vines Stephen Rummage Adam Dooley Paige Patterson, David Allen, Calvin Pearson, Steven Smith Matthew McKellar.

See this link for further information. 

Feb 3, 2011

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews that may be of interest from a Bible Exposition perspective include:

Douglas S. Earl
Reading Joshua as Christian Scripture
Reviewed by Ernst Axel Knauf
S. Tamar Kamionkowski and Wonil Kim, eds.
Bodies, Embodiment, and Theology of the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Johan H. Coetzee
Daniel R. Langton
The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination: A Study in Modern Jewish-Christian Relations
Reviewed by Judith M. Lieu
Reviewed by Adele Reinhartz
Philip B. Payne
Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters
Reviewed by Teresa Okure
Richard I. Pervo
The Making of Paul: Constructions of the Apostle in Early Christianity
Reviewed by James W. Aageson
Reviewed by Carolyn Osiek
Colleen Shantz
Paul in Ecstasy: The Neurobiology of the Apostle's Life and Thought
Reviewed by Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte
Sarah Shectman
Women in the Pentateuch: A Feminist and Source-Critical Analysis
Reviewed by Suzanne Boorer
Patricia Elyse Terrell
Paul's Parallels: An Echoes Synopsis
Reviewed by James D. G. Dunn

Feb 2, 2011

The Gospel of Mark

"The Gospel according to Mark tells the story of Jesus of Nazareth, a first-century Jew— who he is, what it means that he is the Son of God, and what it means to follow him. It lays claim to be the most important of all stories. What military victory or intellectual breakthrough could be as important as the news that the Creator of the whole universe came to live among us? What guide to health or wealth or happiness could matter as much as the way to eternal salvation."

William C. Placher, Mark, Belief, a Theological Commentary on the Bible, ed. Amy Plantinga Pauw and William C. Placher (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2010), 1.

Feb 1, 2011

Free Audio Download of Adopted for Life

Christianaudio.com is offering a free audio download of Russell Moore's book Adopted for Life. For more details and instructions go here.

Jan 31, 2011

A Caution for Expository Preaching

Most readers of this blog know that I am a proponent of expository preaching, but I think that this word of caution is worth reading.

Jan 30, 2011

Fee on 1 Thessalonians 5:12–13

Recently while teaching through 1 Thessalonians 5:12–13, I read this insightful comment from Gordon D. Fee in his commentary The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians (p. 208).

"The earliest notion in the New Testament regarding church leadership is tantalizing for its brevity, and can likewise be frustrating because it assumes so much about which later believers would like more information. But perhaps even that can be a means of instruction. Paul's way of speaking about them by way of participles, rather than nouns, puts all the emphasis on their activities, not positions. Thus we learn a bit about what they do, but almost nothing about who they are or the ‘positions’ they hold. This is especially trying for those who live in a culture that loves titles as a way of distinguishing people who are ‘important’! By turning such verbs into nouns one begins to focus more on position than person or function. Paul's concern is consistently on character and activity, not on ‘role.’ But since we can scarcely turn the clock back in the contemporary church, all of those who are in church leadership might use this passage as a valid ‘checklist’ for personal inventory with regard to how one cares for those one is given the privilege to lead."