Jan 10, 2015

Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament

Rob Plummer talks about the fairly new Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament series. The only volumes currently available are Colossians and Philemon, James, and 1 Peter.

Jan 9, 2015

Free Logos Book for January: Ryle's Commentary on Genesis

The free Logos Book for January is Herbert Edward Ryle’s commentary on Genesis in the Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges series. You can also purchase An Introduction to the Pentateuch in the same series for .99 cents. While you are at it, you can enter to win the entire 58-volume series. Go the Logos' Free Book of Month page to enter and download your free book today!

Jan 8, 2015

How Did David Defeat Goliath?

Randy McCracken, building on the work of others, has a very interesting take on how David actually defeated Goliath here. I am typically a bit skeptical of stuff like this, but I think there is something to at least think about here.

HT: Lindsay Kennedy

Jan 7, 2015

The Digitization of P46

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts has announced the completion of their effort to digitize P46, which is as many know the earliest collection of Paul's epistles and Hebrews (c. AD 200). You can read about it here.

Jan 5, 2015

15 Trends for Churches in 2015

See Thom Rainer's posts here and here on his top 15 trends for churches in 2015.

Hurtado on Paul's Messianic Jesus

Larry Hurtado notes on his blog that his September 2014 lecture given at New College is now available on Youtube. The lecture was entitled, “Paul’s Messianic Jesus: A Variant-Form of Ancient Jewish Messianism.”