Apr 28, 2008

Book on Paul's Cruciform Preaching

Brazos Press has just announced the publication of We Preach Not Ourselves written by Michael P. Knowles. The announcement contained the following description and endorsemen

The Apostle Paul was an effective and faithful preacher, one to whom pastors and seminarians can look as a model. Paul preached Christ crucified and Christ resurrected. But these two key themes provided more than just the content for Paul's preaching; they also provided the shape for how Paul viewed and went about the task of preaching. That is to say, Paul's proclamation arose out of and indeed modeled a cruciform spirituality. This cruciform posture in preaching led to the spiritual transformation of both Paul and his hearers. It is this vision of spirituality, rather than a particular rhetorical strategy, that lies at the heart of effective, faithful, gospel-centered preaching that transforms lives.

We Preach Not Ourselves employs a close study of 2 Corinthians 1:1-6:13 to shed light on Paul's theology of preaching. Further, it demonstrates that Paul indeed practiced what he preached. The reflections are based in solid exegesis and are informed by the struggles and concerns of one who has occupied the pulpit. An excellent text for homiletics courses, it will prove helpful in courses on 2 Corinthians and will also be of interest to Pauline scholars and students.

Craig A. Evans (Acadia Divinity College) says, “Michael Knowles has brought together homiletics and New Testament interpretation in a stimulating and delightful way. It is refreshing to read the work of one who is well trained in exegesis and criticism on the one hand, and well practiced in preaching and communication on the other. We Preach Not Ourselves makes several original and insightful observations and will be read with appreciation by New Testament interpreters and clergy alike. It is highly recommended.”

Scott Hoezee (The Center for Excellence in Preaching, Calvin Theological Seminary) says, “Today ‘successful’ preachers are often those whose broad smiles and upbeat personalities radiate the optimistic belief that the faithful can expect lives stuffed with goodness and happiness. The Apostle Paul viewed preachers and preaching quite differently, and in this compelling book Michael Knowles reminds us why. The faithful preacher proclaims a crucified Savior from the context of a life and ministry touched by sorrows and acquainted with grief. The cruciform preacher may not embody happiness as society defines it, but like Paul himself, such a preacher is transparent to the Savior by whose wounds we are healed.”

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