Jul 26, 2008

Ark of Salvation

Harry Ironside wrote:

Suppose that the ark was completed God said to Noah, “Now, get eight spikes of iron and drive them into the side of the ark.” So Noah procured the spikes and did as he was bidden. The word cane to him, “Come, you and all your household. And hang on to these spikes.” So Noah and his wife, and there three sons and their wives, each held on to a spike. And the rains descended and the flood came, and as the ark was borne up on the waters their muscles were strained to the uttermost.

Imagine God saying to them, “If you hang on till the deluge is over you will be saved!” Can you even think of such a thing as ant one of them going safely through?

But, oh, how different the simple Bible story. “And the Lord said to Noah, come thou and all thy house into the ark.” That is a very different thing than holding on! Inside the ark they were safe as long as the ark endured the storm. And every believer in Christ is as safe as God can make him. Look away then from all self-effort and trust him alone. Rest in the ark and rejoice in God’s great salvation.

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