Jul 10, 2008

Klyne Snodgrass' Book on Parables

here for a brief discussion of Klyne Snodgrass' recent book on Jesus' Parables, Stories With Intent. Below are a few snippets from the article.

Stories with Intent is the culmination of decades of study—and frustration. Snodgrass has taught a class on the parables every other year for 35 years, but says, “There was never anything I felt good about using as a text that really did the job.”

After a relatively brief introduction, the book discusses all 35 of Jesus’ parables. Each chapter is broken into sections that focus on the type of parable, issues requiring attention, excerpts from primary material including early Jewish and Christian writings, textual features, cultural information, explanations for each of the issues raised earlier, and ways of adapting the parable for the modern hearer.

Snodgrass hopes the book will help others move beyond many of the common misconceptions and poor preaching on the parables. “The title is a protest because so often people manipulate the text to say other than what Jesus was saying as a prophet,” he says.

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