Sep 18, 2008

What is an Evangelical?

The 9.17.08 edition of the Church Leader's Intelligence Report contained the following bit (apparently from The Christian Post 9.04.08).

Ellison research asked adult Americans to explain what an "evangelical Christian" is. 18% said it is a Christian who tries to spread his or her faith. 9% said it is a Christian particularly devoted or zealous about their faith (but not to the point of fanaticism) and totally sold-out to their beliefs. Other responses:

8%: Focused strongly on the Bible, believing in the Bible as God's inerrant word allowing it to guide their lives.
8%: Saved by Christ, saved by grace, believe in a born-again experience, and believe in eternal life through Christ, among other theological definitions.
6%: Conservative, ultra-conservative or radical right, anti-homosexual, Republican, highly involved in politics, etc.
5%: Fanatical about their beliefs.
4%: Closed-minded about religion.
3%: Focus on money rather than God.
3%: Want to impose their beliefs or standards on others.

2% gave a dramatically off-base theological definition. Researchers stressed almost half of Americans cannot give a definition of "evangelical" that has any substance to it.

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