Oct 8, 2008

Is Your Preaching Helpful? - An Assessment Tool

Carey Nieuwhof has posted some interesting thoughts on ways to assess the helpfulness of sermons. He offers the following two criteria.

Content can be helpful if it:

  • Brings a 'new' truth (didn't know that) or discarded truth to light.
  • Brings a fresh angle to a truth and makes people see God in a fresh light.
  • Reminds people of a truth they know, affirming or correcting their direction.
  • Shows the relevance of truth in current culture and life.

Application is helpful if it:

  • Provides a practical step or steps people can follow to put it into practice in the next 24 hours.
  • Shifts thinking deeply enough that people can't think of things in the same way again (paradigm shifting).
  • Shows how a particular truth will change how we live in our time and culture.
You can read his entire post here.

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