Nov 26, 2008

Considerations for Choosing a New Sermon Series

Colin Adams has offered the following list of helpful points to consider in selecting a new sermon series.

1. How long do we have for this batch of sermons (one year; three months; four weeks)?

2. What Testament did we preach from last?

3. What biblical genre have we not preached from lately?

4. What is the one greatest spiritual need in the church currently? (and what book/section of a book would best address that need?)

5. What portion of Scripture excites me at the moment personally?

6. What Scripture books/sections have I not preached on with this congregation?

7. If we’ve just preached through a relatively lighter book, what would stretch the congregation? If we’ve just waded through Leviticus, what might make for some lighter lifting?

8. Are there any clear and present theological dangers that need to be urgently addressed?

9. Is there a contemporary circumstance (9/11, credit crunch) that might call for or pave the way for a series of sermons?

You can read the entire post here.

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