Dec 27, 2008

Why Pastors and Professors Ought to be on Facebook

Alex Tang and Kar Yong have posted
here and here concerning why pastors and professors ought to be on Facebook.

Alex Tang:

  • it forces them to become more computer and Internet savvy. Many pastors are generations behind in their understanding and use of communication technology
  • it introduces them to a new way of social interacting- the digital way.
  • it makes them human. Depending on their openness and integrity, pastors who presents themselves as themselves will have to reveal a more personal and human side of themselves.
  • allows them to understand and know what the younger generations in his/her congregation is doing in these social network spaces
  • develop new aspects of their ministries. Most pastors do not realise that their ministry is limited to the verbal and printed words. They need to be missional with digital words
  • provide the presence of Christ in these social network spaces
  • make 'friends' with people from all over the world
  • they need to create Christian faith communities in these social network spaces
  • they should have fun

Kar Yong:

  • In addition to the reasons listed by Alex, I think I could add that if lecturers in seminary participate in Facebook, we can discuss aspects of our lectures with our students, engage with them and, who knows, we might even attract some potential students.


Anonymous said...

These points are very good. We all have a strong need to be known and to know others. We long for it. This is why it is so much fun when someone asks to be your "friend" on FB or visa versa. We all need to be belong.
Jesus tells us we belong to Him and regularly gives us "Facebook" invitations to join His site..Rev 3:20. Hopefully, we won't hit the "ignore" button on these requests often.

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for the comments Dale.