Feb 15, 2009

Commentaries on Jeremiah

Keith Mathison Ligonier Ministries has a list and discussion of his top five commentaries on Jeremiah at the Ligonier Ministries blog. The list is okay, but I would place Mackay and Kidner in the Runners Up category, replacing them with Holladay’s two volumes in the Hermeneia series and F. B. Huey in the New American Commentary series. I would also add commentaries by Brueggemann, McKane (ICC) and Feinberg (EBC) to the runners-up. In any case, the top five Mathison listed are:

1. J.A. Thompson -- The Book of Jeremiah (New International Commentary on the Old Testament, 1980).
2. Jack R. Lundbom -- Jeremiah 1-20, Jeremiah 21-36, Jeremiah 37-52 (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries, 1999, 2004, 2004).
3. John L. Mackay -- Jeremiah 1-20, Jeremiah 21-52 (Mentor Commentary, 2004).
4. Tremper Longman -- Jeremiah, Lamentations (New International Biblical Commentary, 2008).
5. Derek Kidner -- The Message of Jeremiah (The Bible Speaks Today, 1987).

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