Mar 4, 2009

Perspectives on the Ending of Mark

I just received my review copy of
Perspectives on the Ending of Mark
(thanks to Jim Baird at Broadman & Holman). The book consists of five chapters as noted below.

Chapter 1 — Mark 16:8 as the Conclusion to the Second Gospel (Daniel B. Wallace)
Chapter 2 —The Long Ending of Mark as Canonical Verity (Maurice A. Robinson)
Chapter 3 —The Last Twelve Verses of Mark: Original or Not? (J. Keith Elliott)
Chapter 4 —Mark 16:9–20 as Markan Supplement (David Alan Black)
Chapter 5 — The Ending of Mark: A Response to the Essays (Darrell L. Bock)

I will be reviewing this book shortly. In the meantime, you can access a sample chapter of the book here.

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