Apr 10, 2009

Expository Preaching Workshop Audio

Free audio of the 2009 Expository Preaching Workshop sponsored by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is available here. Here are the titles of the sessions.

David Platt – For the Glory of God: Theological Foundations for Text-Driven Preaching
Calvin Pearson – The Day that Preaching Died
Steven Smith – Expository Preaching and the Nature of the Church
George Harris – Tips for Effective Sermon Preparation
Jerry Vines – Text-Driven Preaching - Preaching Jonah
David Platt – For the Sake of the Nations
Jerry Vines – Jonah
David Allen – Preaching the Difficult Passages of Scripture - Heb 6:1-6
Paige Patterson – The Gospel in Prepositional Phrases

In particular, I would commend David Allen's talk on Hebrews 6. His view of this warning passage is also my view.

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