Jun 16, 2009

What Your Pastor Wishes You Knew About Him

Andy Nasselli has summarized a list by Dan Burrell, a former pastor, on ten things that your pastor probably wishes you knew about him. The ten are:

  1. Bible college and seminary weren’t enough.
  2. Good sermon preparation takes time.
  3. His family is important too.
  4. Be kind if you have a criticism.
  5. Give your pastor time to grow.
  6. Your pastor probably views you differently than you view him.
  7. Pastors sometimes find it difficult to have friendships.
  8. Your pastor may well be different out of the pulpit than when he’s in the pulpit and that doesn’t necessarily make him a hypocrite.
  9. Your pastor has bills too.
  10. Your pastor loves the work of the ministry.


Jason said...

These are all very apt descriptions of the range of emotion pastors experience. As a pastor of about 5 1/2 years now, I resonate with all of these. The pastoral life, though yields untold blessings, can be a very lonely life. Thank you for this post.


Charles Savelle said...

Your welcome. I truly appreciate all the faithful pastors out there.