Aug 18, 2009

New Collection of Holy Land Pictures

Todd Bolen at and has produced a new set of pictures of the Holy Land. This new collection, “The American Colony and the Eric Matson Collection,” is part of the Historic Views of the Holy Land series. The entire collection was five years in the
making and contains 4,300 images from 1898 to the 1940’s in jpg and PowerPoint format, spanning eight CD volumes.

After spending a good part of an afternoon (and still not looking at everything), I can commend this collection to you for at least three reasons. First, while there are a number of places where one can access recent pictures of places in Israel, it is much harder to find good older pictures. Having been to Israel twice, I am amazed at how much I recognized but also how much things have changed over the years. Second, I recommend this collection because it is so carefully and helpfully organized and labeled. This is a great time saver when you are looking for a particular image. Third, this collection is valuable because all the images have been placed into PowerPoint presentations with labeling. Once again this is a valuable time saver for those interested in teaching/presenting or merely viewing the pictures. With a few clicks of the mouse you can be good to go.

The individual CD’s will be released at the rate of one volume a month. Or you can purchase the entire collection now at the discounted price of $99 here. This month’s release is the Northern Palestine volume ($20) here.

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