Sep 18, 2009

DeYoung on Social Justice and Leviticus 25

Kevin DeYoung has a fine set of posts on "Social Justice and the Poor." Today's post interacts with Leviticus 25, in particular with the year of jubilee and how some have advocated a government sponsored redistribution of land as a way of assisting the poor today. But Kevin highlights five problems with this approach which can be summarized as follows.

1. We are not an ancient, agrarian society.
2. Most importantly, our property was not assigned directly by God.
3. Our economy is not based on a fixed piece of land.
4. Our nation is not under the Mosaic covenant.
5. Most of us are not Jews.

Rather, Kevin suggests that Leviticus should remind us that:

1. We should find ways to give opportunities for the poor to succeed.
2. The Bible supports the existence of private property.
3. The Bible relativizes private property.
4. Our God is the God of second chances.
5. Jesus is Jubilee.

Read the entire post here, complete with a link to a sermon on the topic.

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