Oct 29, 2009

Paul, His Letters, and Acts

I am currently reading Thomas E. Phillips' 2009 book
Paul, His Letters, and Acts. I have included the publishers product description below.

"Aside from Jesus, the Apostle Paul had the greatest formative influence on t
he early Christian movement. Yet who was this passionate missionary who carried the message of Christ throughout the Mediterranean world? The New Testament writings give us not one but two portraits of Paul. We read numerous details of Paul’s life and relationships in the Book of Acts, and we also find an additional set of details about Paul’s activities in his letters. Yet how consistent are these two portraits? And which one gives us the most accurate picture of the historical Paul? In this volume Thomas E. Phillips examines the portrayals of Paul in recent biblical scholarship in the light of these two major NT portraits. Believing the apostolic conference at Jerusalem to be a watershed event, Phillips draws conclusions that help contemporary readers get a more accurate picture of Paul."

To view the table of contents, introduction, and a a sample chapter see the link above.

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