Oct 2, 2009

Top 15 Apologetic Books

Michael Patton lists the following fifteen books as must haves for apologetics.

15. Pensees, Blaise Pascal (can be read through Peter Kreeft, Christianity of Modern Pagans)

14. Letters from a Skeptic, Gregory Boyd

13. How Do You Know Your Not Wrong, Paul Copan

12. Reasonable Faith, William Craig

11. Scaling the Secular City, J. P. Moreland

10. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, Norman Geisler

9. Case for Christ, Lee Strobel

8. Reason for God, Tim Keller

7. Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell

6. The Analytic Theist, Alvin Plantinga

5. The God Who is There, Francis Schaeffer

4. Faith Has its Reasons, Rob Bowman and Kenneth Boa

3. The Resurrection of the Son of God, N. T. Wright

2. The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Habermas and Licona

1. Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis

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