Nov 10, 2009

Eight Common Errors in Theological Argumentation

C. Michael Patton has a good list of "Eight Ways to Lose Your Influence in Theology." The The eight points are worth making, list but I would add two observations. First, these eight "ways" relate to argumentation in general, and not just theological argumentation in particular. Second, I am not sure that committing these errors leads to a loss of theological influence. sadly, it seems that many of the better known voices in biblical/theological studies do these types of things rather frequently. In any case, Michael's eight "ways" are as follows.

1. Be Imbalanced
2. Overstate your case
3. Misrepresent your opponents
4. Obscure the options
5. Get defensive
6. Lack of grace
7. Be perpetually non-committal
8. Define yourself by what you are against

To read the entire explanation go here.

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