Nov 28, 2009

Finley and Morsey on Daniel 11

One of the more interesting sessions that I attended at the recent Evangelical Theological Society meeting was “An Exegetical and Theological Study of Daniel 11 with Hermeneutical and Homiletical Implications.” The paper was interesting in that it was the fruit of the collaboration between a teaching pastor (Ed Morsey), an Old Testament scholar (Thomas Finley), and a theologian (Mark Saucy). All three men attend Granada Heights Friends Church and Finley and Saucy teach at Talbot School of Theology. The presentation of the paper itself was done by Morsey and Finley. The following are a few of the salient points from the presentation.

Finley shared three principles of interpretation for Daniel 11.

1. There is an abrupt shifts occur when moving from one king or realm to another.
2. The entire prophecy concerns world events that happen in relation to Judah.
3. Remarkable as the predictions are, it is really only possible to tell their outcomes after they happened. The prophecy is not interested in giving a detailed history in advance.

Morsey shared the following in his part of the presentation.

The message on Daniel 11 was entitled “In the Crossfire.”

This message built on top of three points (“realities”) established in the previous week from Daniel 10. Namely,

1. God’s power is unfathomable.
2. He deeply loves us.
3. A spiritual war is raging.

From Daniel 11 points four and five were added:

4. God’s people struggle in the crossfire.
5. But it refines our faith.

There was much more in the paper, and if I understood correctly both Finley and Morsey will be collaborating on a future commentary.

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