Dec 16, 2009

Gorman on Paul and the Incarnation

See Michael Gorman's discussion of Paul on the incarnation
here. Near the end of the post Gorman offers the following five conclusions:

1. Incarnation and cross are inseparable.
2. Both incarnation and cross are necessary for our salvation.
3. Both incarnation and cross express the self-giving love of God in Christ.
4. Both incarnation and cross should narratively shape the Christian believer and community into the image of Christ, decisively affecting Christian praxis in multiple ways and in all areas of life.
5. A Pauline theology/spirituality of theosis (becoming like God, in Christ, by the Spirit) is able to hold incarnation and cross together. And with that link, incarnation, cross, and resurrection/exaltation are all tied together in Paul.

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Kevin Ray Gabriel said...

Good observations and reminders on the incarnation and the cross.

They are consistent with my sermon this coming Sunday from Matthew, where I will tie together Jesus' conception and calling (Matthew 1), and commission (Matthew 3), to the cross (Matthew 16) that would cost (Matthew 20) Jesus his life but which would provide the basis of our new covenant (Matthew 26) with God.