Jan 21, 2010

Expositional Preaching

"Analysis, exegesis, interpretation, and illustration are all combined in expositional preaching. A correct analysis of the content of the passage, setting forth the main theme in orderly and systematic fashion, is most helpful to both the preacher and the audience. The message will be more efficiently delivered, and more easily understood and remembered if it is properly analyzed. The detailed unfolding of certain statements and expressions in the passage will be essential to a proper understanding of the whole. Likewise, the summarizing of certain doctrinal tenets of the faith will also be vital to the objective of the message. Difficult and major points need to be illustrated simply, in order to make the discourse understandable to all present. The presentation of the whole is your exposition."

Douglas M. White, The Excellence of Exposition (Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Borthers, 1977), 101.

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