Feb 13, 2010

Wilson on the Use of the Term Law in Luke-Acts

“A survey of the occurrences of
no,moj in Luke-Acts suggests that they fall into two main categories. The majority refer to the prescriptions of the law in such phrases as 'the law of the Lord' (Lk. 2:23-4,39), 'the law of Moses' (Lk. 2:22; Ac. 15:5; 13:39), 'the customs of the law' (Lk. 2:27) or simply 'the law' (Lk. 10:26; 16:17; Ac. 7:53; 13:15; 18:13,15; 21:20,24, 28; 22:3, 12; 23 :3,29; 25 :8). The remainder speak of the predictive aspect of the law (Lk. 24:44; Ac. 24: 14; 28:23; possibly Lk. 16:16), always in connection with 'the prophets', and normally with reference to their presentiment of the fate of Jesus. Both categories will be explored later, but at this stage it is sufficient to note that in linguistic terms Luke's use of no,moj is not unique. It reflects normal Jewish and Christian usage.”

S.G. Wilson, Luke and the Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983), 1.

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