Apr 24, 2010

The Ascension of Christ

One of the most neglected theological aspects of the life and work of Christ relates to His Ascension. Christians often take for granted the reality of the Ascension since Christ is no longer physically present but fail to think about the theological implications of the event. If you doubt this, just ask a few people at your church concerning what they think of the Ascension. So I thought it might be helpful to share five observations from Peter Toon on the meaning of the Ascension.

1. The Ascension is seen, especially by Luke, as that which necessarily follows and completes the Resurrection.
2. Since Jesus died, descended into Hades, was raised from death, and ascended into heaven as the Messiah of his people, then by his resurrection and ascension, he became the firstfruits of his people.
3. The Ascension implies exaltation.
4. Jesus ascended in order to begin his heavenly ministry as High Priest, making intercession
5. Jesus ascended to bestow the gift of the Spirit upon the disciples whom he had called.
6. The Ascension inaugurates a new age.

Peter Toon, The Ascension of Our Lord (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1984), 17-19.

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