Apr 6, 2010

James VanderKam's Dead Sea Scrolls Today

Those interested in a pretty good introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls might wa
nt to consider James Vanderkam's book Dead Sea Scrolls Today. Although some might consider it a little dated (1994), it is still worth looking at and I noticed that Westminster Bookstore has it as a 50% off clearance special ($9.50) here. You can buy a cheaper used copy at Amazon, but Westminster offers a better new price.

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Anonymous said...

I'll second the support of VanderKam's text! I read this book for a seminary class that I took back in 2003 and it is fantastic. A lot has happened since 1994, but VanderKam gives an excellent survey of Scrolls scholarship (less the hype) up to that date.

I'd also recommend his Introduction to Early Judaism for the same reasons.