Jul 21, 2010

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews that may be of interest from a Bible Exposition perspective include:

Paul Barnett
Finding the Historical Christ: After Jesus, Volume 3
Reviewed by Matthew Recla

David W. Chapman
Ancient Jewish and Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion
Reviewed by John T. Carroll

Gordon D. Fee
The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians
Reviewed by James W. Aageson

Edna Johnson
A Semantic and Structural Analysis of Ephesians
Reviewed by Timothy Gombis

Brigitte Kahl
Galatians Re-imagined: Reading with the Eyes of the Vanquished
Reviewed by Vernon K. Robbins

Gwynn Kessler
Conceiving Israel: The Fetus in Rabbinic Narratives
Reviewed by Catherine Hezser

Markus McDowell
Prayers of Jewish Women: Studies of Patterns of Prayer in the Second Temple Period
Reviewed by Rodney A. Werline

Ludwig Morenz and Stefan Schorch, eds.
Was ist ein Text? Alttestamentliche, ägyptologische und altorientalistische Perspektiven
Reviewed by Wido van Peursen

Antonio Negri
The Labor of Job: The Biblical Text as a Parable of Human Labor
Reviewed by Norman C. Habel

Ron E. Tappy and P. Kyle McCarter Jr., eds.
Literate Culture and Tenth-Century Canaan: The Tel Zayit Abecedary in Context
Reviewed by Ian Young

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