Aug 30, 2010

Blaising on the Old Testament Basis for Premillennialism

"In summary, Old Testament prophecy describes the future kingdom of God as being in existence prior to the final judgment. At the final judgment, the conditions of sin and cease so as to give way to conditions of everlasting peace and righteousness (e.g., Isa 9:7; Dan 9:24) in which there is ‘no death, no crying, no pain, for the first things have passed away’ (Rev 21:4). A number of OT prophecies speak directly of this final, eternal kingdom order. However, a number of prophecies, while highlighting conditions of blessedness, also describe conditions of sin and death which can only precede the final judgment. This can only be true if the future, eschatological kingdom is first established some time prior to the final judgment, the final judgment, then, separating two phases of that kingdom, one temporary, the other eternal."

Craig Blaising, "The Kingdom That Comes With Jesus: Premillennialism and the Harmony of Scripture," Southerm Baptist Journal of Theology 14 (2010): 6.

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