Sep 15, 2010


Readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of Todd Bolen's work, especially his picture CD's. If you don't already get his e-mail newsletter you really should subscribe. The newsletter is both informative and free. You can subscribe

In his most recent newsletter Todd noted that "in conjunction with a com
plete overhaul of the BiblePlaces webstore, we were offering a big discount for a brief time. Today and tomorrow only you can purchase the complete four-volume electronic edition of Picturesque Palestine for $20, including free shipping in the US. Picturesque Palestine was published in four large volumes in 1881 and it was an immediate success. But there were many travel type books published in the 19th century that are no longer of much interest. What makes Picturesque Palestine still valuable is that it was written by the best scholars of the day. If you’ve done much research about the Holy Land, you’ll be familiar with names like Charles Wilson, Henry B. Tristram, Claude Conder, Mary Eliza Rogers, Charles Warren, Edward Palmer, and others."

To get the discounted price, use this
link. The collection will be in your cart with the discount applied when you are ready to checkout. The offer ends on Thursday, 9/16 at 11:59 pm.

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