Nov 1, 2010

Five Contributions of the Book of Hebrews

Hebrews makes at least five contributions to the New Testament and its study. First, Hebrews offers high Christology. This can be seen in the superiority of Christ motif that is so prevalent in the book. Christ is the eternal Son, earthly Savior, and exalted Lord and High Priest. The latter emphasis on the high priesthood of Christ is probably Hebrews’ most distinctive contribution. Second. Hebrews also offers a powerful argument for the transition in God’s plan from the Old to the New. Third, Hebrews provides an interesting snapshot of some of the challenges faced by Jewish Christians who were being rejected by both Jews and Gentiles. Fourth, the extensive use of the Old Testament in Hebrews provides insight into the hermeneutical methods of the early Christians. Fifth, Hebrews as a homily provides an example of what early Christian preaching looked like.

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