Dec 5, 2010

New Book: Documents and Images for the Study of Paul

Elliott, Neil, and Mark Reasoner, eds. Documents and Images for the Study of Paul. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2011. Paperback 432 pages.

Publishers Description:

The world surrounding Paul and the assemblies comes vividly to life here. Documents and Images for the Study of Paul gathers representative texts illustrating Jewish practices, Greco-Roman moral exhortation, biblical interpretation, Roman ideology, apocalyptic visions, epistolary conventions, and more to illustrate the complex cultural environment in which Paul carried out his apostolic work—and the manifold ways in which his legacy was reshaped in early Christianity.

Paul is the focus of intense and often controversial scholarly attention today. Brief, insightful introductions orient the reader to the significance of ancient sources for different contemporary interpretations of Paul's life and thought. Photographs illustrate the visual environment of the Greco-Roman world; a map, a timeline, and an index of scripture passages make the sourcebook the perfect companion text for studying Paul and his letters.

Table of Contents (simplified):

Introduction: Exploring Paul’s Environment
1. Paul’s Self-Presentation
2. Paul’s Gospel and Paul’s Letters
3. The Gospel of Augustus
4. Paul’s People: Israel
5. The Communities around Paul: The Ekklēsiai
6. Paul’s Legacy

Excerpts can be found here.

Thanks to Fortress Press for this review copy.

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