Feb 9, 2011

Blomberg on the Implications of Textual Criticism on Pastoral Ministry

"The average reader of Scripture is not at any great peril if he or she does not understand the text-critical  process; however, the pastor or teacher who wants to instruct with the greatest amount of accuracy and precision but who bypasses this step in exegesis risks relying on an inferior text at some point without even knowing it. Ignorance of textual criticism will become a more serious obstacle for pastors or teachers when they are unable to answer parishioners' questions about how the text has come to us in the forms in which we have it, or about why different modern-language translations opt for different textual variants. They will be unable to respond to the charges of the ‘far right’ that contemporary translations have corrupted the supposedly pure, inerrant King James Version, and of the ‘far left’ that careless copying or theologically motivated distortions prove so pervasive that we cannot be confident that anything remaining resembles the original documents."

Craig L. Blomberg with Jennifer Foutz Markley, A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2010), 26.

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