Mar 9, 2011

Blomberg on Common Indicators of Interpretive Problems

Craig Blomberg has provided the following helpful list of common indicators of interpretive problems.

  • Nontrivial differences among the major translations of a given text
  • A passage of Scripture that seems to disagree with something the author has said
  • Apparent disagreement between the author and what other inspired authors of Scripture say about the same topic.
  • A single text that has spawned multiple, complex debates
  • A text whose meaning is hardly debated today but whose background indicates diverse history of interpretation
  • Places in the New Testament use a quotation from the Old testament in a way that does not seem consonant with the meaning of the verse in the original context
Craig L. Blomberg with Jennifer Foutz Markley, A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2010), 170. 

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Thanks for putting this up. Very helpful.