May 15, 2011

Salvation in Hebrews

I found this to be an interesting observation from Marie Isaacs.

"One of the striking features of Hebrews is that more often than not its author describes salvation in terms of place rather than time. Thus, the consummation of God's purposes, which in Jewish and New Testament tradition alike is predominantly expressed temporally as the age in which God’s kingdom will be established, is depicted here spatially as a place: the promised land (3.7–4.11); the shrine's inner sanctum (6.2-10.18); and Mount Zion (12.18–24) – each location becoming a symbol of that most sacred of all space, heaven."

Marie E. Isaacs, "Hebrews," in Early Christian Thought in Its Jewish Context, ed. John Barclay and John Sweet (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996), 146.

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