May 22, 2011

Three Factors in Biblical Archaeology

“Archaeological research is a uniquely human activity. It is man attempting to piece together the story of mankind from meager clues which he has been able to recover. In biblical archaeology, three factors are involved in the process of recovering the story—the Bible, archaeology, and the archaeologist—and each of these has its own peculiarities and limitations that affect the total phenomenon that we call archaeological research, including the final results.”

Keith N. Schoville, Biblical Archaeology in Focus (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1978), 154.

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We often read or hear that some researchers doubt the historicity of events mentioned in the Bible. This is especially true about tales of the Fall, the Flood, the tower of Babel, and miracles that were described in the Gospels. These are accounts that researchers regard as unreliable. They may think them to be legends or myths, and think them unworthy of serious consideration.
We are going to study this difficult subject by considering many examples. This study is especially designed for people who sincerely want to study the historic accuracy of Biblical accounts.
In the text we will introduce many archaeological discoveries that support Biblical accounts. They have many times confirmed information originally found in the Bible.

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