Jun 19, 2011

Wise and Unwise Teachers in James

Christopher Morgan commenting on James 3:13-18, which, he ties back to the topic of teachers addressed in 3:1-12, states,

"Teachers reveal by their tongues what kind of wisdom they possess. Not everyone who want to lead should, because not everyone possesses genuine wisdom. The church should resist those seeking to teach who lack such wisdom. In time, their selfish motives will only cause factions and disorder. They will deem it more important to feel important than to serve the body. Genuine Christian teachers, however though not perfect (3:2), are deeply concerned about truth and setting a good example (3:13). They humbly plant seeds of truth in peace and produce a harvest of practical righteousness in people's lives.In sum, wise teachers are consistent."

Christopher W. Morgan, A Theology of James; Wisdom for God's People, ed. Robert A. Peterson (Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R, 2010), 54.

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